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Through the Kabaka’s Eye

The Editor in Chief, www.edwinkamanda.com, takes a sneak preview at the circus that is life. he tells it as it is. He is a distinguished member of the society albeit not respected. he takes no prisoners. He is a free wheel, always ready to roll.
He also doubles as a dowry negotiations consultant and holds directorship in many barazas. He is also a decorated member of the Nairobi night Runners’ Association.

We are the Chief Justice, give way – We must  address the nation.

Disclaimer: Let my people vent and feel how other meat eaters feel. We are the Chifu Chasitisi. Innuendos and arguments from enemies of development dismissed and case closed. My fellow Kisiis. perched pretty on a three legged stool of power, I swat some reckless flies landing on my face without …

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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child. If you dont fix these Rascals, they will fix you.

According to the good book, around page 673, Proverbs 13:24 says, I read “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them.” Then >>fast forward>> to Wahengas who definitely under the influence, contributed their wit to the echelons of …

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Rules and Regulations from the Firechi.

“8.4.4 System is churning a bunch of uneducated English speaking rascals” – Karionya Insists. I have always insisted that the 8.4.4 system is completely obsolete and needs a total overhaul. For instance why the hell should they teach us about chemical reactions and completely ignore to teach us on how …

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Cheap Stouting in the Mighty Name.

The other day I learnt a new vocabulary “Cheap Stout”, from a fellow firecha. Whether he took 6 Guinness Stouts and guessed and coined the phrase, it is none of my business. I can as well guess that a cheap stout is something useless and cheap. Maybe a harlot, something …

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