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Somebody tell Anthony Kibagendi, politics is not a romantic escapade.

Until the other day, I used to highly regard Kiba, as he is being referred to by his darlings, as a suave and charming young politician, who was likely to deliver the Kisii youths from the jaws of Vasco da Gama peers like Chris Obure and Prof. Ongeri who have been ruling Kisii since the day Kenyatta senior was released from Kapenguria.

Senator Obure was first elected to parliament in 1983. 1983 happens to be 5 years after Kenyatta senior was told by st. Peters to grab a coffin, it was enough with grabbing land. Enter that small coffin you are headed for judgment. Well, in a nutshell, Obure has been a leader in Kisii for 35 years. He needs 10 more years to “complete some development projects he started”. And to confirm that witchcraft is real, Antony Kibagendi of all the people, believed him.

On his facebook page, Kiba has promised Obure total support, and among the reasons he is giving, the current Governor helped to rig him out in favor of Omwando. Now this is crap. He goes ahead to insult some boys who he claims call themselves bloggers and get paid Ksh. 500 per day to insult him. Now this is myopic, these are the same boys he highly banked on to help him get nominated/elected.

To me he starts sounding like a jilted lover. He begins to sound like that teenage boy in high school, who threatens to commit suicide coz his neighbor in campus sliced him that girl. It doesn’t end there, he keeps embarrassing himself claiming that he will campaign to make sure that all ODM candidates in Kisii loose in the August poll. Now this is not foolish, this is a boy who just had a wet dream, with an aim of punishing the girl who left him with pregnancy and he is sleeping pretty comfortable, knowing that the wet dream pregnancy will fight his wars. My brother, a wet dream just remains a wet dream.

Deciding to campaign for Raila in Kisii and campaign against ODM candidates is like trying to kiss a wasp from the rear end. Baba is aware you lost/rigged out of the ODM nominations. That sends a strong signal in political circles. It means you are not a strong candidate coz you could not be elected, or you could not rig yourself in. You tried caressing your ego by trying to run as an independent candidate, you dropped the idea like a hot potato coz you realized politics is not a Sunday school exercise.

It is a well-known fact to you really sacrificed a lot of your time for the campaigns. You might have even depleted your financial resources which are not as deep as of those you are supporting and associating with currently. Therefore it can pass that you are trying to replenish what you lost.

Kibagendi was becoming a brand in Kisii politics. You single handedly built the brand, but you are bringing it down with a super Namwambic speed. Going to politics with feelings wont build you that brand like Raila whom everybody wants to be associated with. Those who love Raila want to be associated with him, those who hate him must mention his name to be elected. Your brand had started to germinate in the womb, but as things are right now, yours is a still-birth. Trying to jump into bed with both Jubilee and NASA at the same time will leave your (deleted) bruised.

You were doing so well until you started associating yourself with the dinosaurs of Kisii politics, ask DP Maangi and your current Member of parliament Hon Onyonka. The people I associate with from Kisii are now calling you Ekebeya. Biagosambire.

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