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Post #Kikao046 Shenanigans. Shut up and engage your life.

Good morning good people and karibu #kikao-ukweli-united.

The other day, my home county in conjunction with the son of Jaramogi, organized a youth summit to help the sitting Governor and Kenya’s all-time favorite politician H.E the right honorable Raila Amolo Odinga drum support for their candidature for Governor and Presidency respectfully come next year. Well, I don’t understand why we are assuming that this was not a campaign rally?

My fellow firechi youths, when will we ever realize that political meetings are not about the attendants but about the organizers? Over the years that I have been wondering (kuzurura) through my life, I have never came across any supporter attending a rally and coming out a winner. Just like football, it is not the fans who take the credit but the players.

At #Kikao046, a few notable and normal events happened and they were normally sorted and according to the normal standard operating procedures.

kikaoOne normal event that I noted is heckling of aspirants which was normally ignored. Another normal situation is where a kaboy in an orange t-shirt tried to bring UJubilee in an ODM event, and as expected the boy is nursing soft tissue wounds. Another normal thing I noted is, the organisers came and left in fuel guzzlers. The attendants did not disappoint either in their footsubish turbo charged 2 x 1.

Well, I am not yet on my point. You see as a Chief Mucene collector of repute, I have joined about 643 whatsapp and telegram groups. I collect mucene even from Riakimai whatsapp women group. But my emphasis today is on Nyamira political groups. Most participants in these groups post stuff to the effect that raw busaa and unripe weed replaced brains. My good people, please don’t take raw or unripe weed. Kindly wait for it to mature.

Apart from one group “Nyamira for Change Reloade” which balances 50% serious stuff and 50% PE, the rest of the groups and in the words of my amateur senator “MYOPIC, JUVENILE and RIF RAFF (Whatever that means)”.

From one of the groups, I have seen the boy who was roughed threatening to sue. Well, I wish him all the best as he engages in a waste of time exercise. But be sure whatever that happened to you will happen again if you dare take Jubilee ideologies to CORD events. It is the same thing that will happen to any loose mind that will take UTibiim to William Kabogo’s rally in Kiambu. It is the normal SOP (Standard Operating Procedures).

You see the other day, some MP and Aspirant wrestled each other to the ground and the IG goes to work every morning as if nothing happened. ODM successfully disrupted their elections in Kasarani destroying property and nothing happened. I don’t think anything is going to happen if you report to the police that you were EJACULATED from an ODM rally. ODM supporters who make 95% of Gor Mahia fans are well know for what they are capable of, and it is on record even burning Matatus that are colored red. A color that does not resonate well with their ideologies. The young man roughed in Nyamira is lucky to have escaped with his balls intact. Some have had theirs scattered in the name of supporting X and not Y. So young man, spare us the crap and nurse your injuries in peace. And before I am done with you, a P3 form doesn’t come on a silver platter.

From the groups, I have seen how the youth are being used to spew vitriol on aspirants. It is a pity. If a youth is not shouting aspirant X Tibiim, he is shouting how Y is sleeping with young ladies around. Young man, men have been sleeping around from the time of Noah in the bible and I don’t think it is going to stop with generation .com. Men are happy sleeping around. I don’t understand why it should be your concern if your wife or girlfriend is not in the loop.

I have seen some youth shout themselves horse questioning on the amount spent to organize #Kikao046. Well, I am totally against misuse of public funds but again something pulls my thoughts back when I think of when we have visitors in our homes. Don’t we hire that tent and borrow utensils and chairs and slaughter the family goat? So if we slaughter a goat when have visitors, so what is wrong with Nyagarama slaughtering a goat for Raila and possibly give him a Nyaboke to massage his ego through the night given that he wasn’t accompanied by Ida? Not that I am advocating for immorality but it is a well-known fact that when a man pays you a courtesy call, after a normal day’s business, ask him, do you fancy them or you are comfortable coiling alone? That is the standard operating procedure of being a man. Even Mwai Kibaki subscribes to this.

And finally, I have seen the youth complain how Nyagarama has dished jobs to his clansmen and close friends. So what is wrong with that? Stop yapping and create employment while you are still young. If Mokaya the proprietor of Nyamira express and Guardian pushed to be employed in the county, with his form four education he could have risen to a senior driver. If Okero the proprietor of Kisii Classic and Tawala sacco matatus pushed to be employed in the county, with his KMTC diploma he would be dispensing drugs at level 4. If Nyamauna the proprietor of Nyamauna hardware and Cardinal buses pushed to be employed in the county, with his accounting skills he would have risen to a senior accountant battling a court case with EACC for misappropriating county funds. If the late Njenga Karume pushed to be employed by the Government. With his charcoal burning skills he would have died having risen to the position of a senior cook.

So my fellow youths, stop yapping and being used by these politicians and concentrate on making your life better. If you think we elected silly leaders just wait for 2017 and vote them out. Yapping in political rallies has never impeached a president or any Governor or MP or Senator or MCA. The best it can hand you is a handout to shut your mouth or injuries.

Now let me go yapping in other forums but I am wise enough not to talk ill of Kamwana in Kiambu or abuse Baba in Kisumu. The fact that I don’t shout about it in public doesn’t necessarily mean that I have no opinion. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know Jubilee has let people steal and blame it on Raila. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know that a total of 47 out 47 Governors in Kenya wamekula pesa za Wananchi. It doesn’t mean that I don’t know 100% of MPs and MCAs are corrupt.

Have a lovely Saturday thugs.




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