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This Boy Ababu is giving his Grandfather Nausea in his grave.

Men will always be men. They will always be men coz they are always naughty. Being naughty is what they secretly admire. If you report a 14 year old boy to his father that the brat winked at your 12 year old daughter, the man will buy that kaboy of his a present secretly and ensure the mother doesn’t get wind of it. And in the evening the man will throw a round to his friends at the local and toss to the boy’s FISIcoinheritence of those perfect and tough clan traits from his ancestors. It is an elephant FACT that men extraordinarily admire naughty sons and reserved girls. You give a normal man a combination of these two traits in his kids and a few saosands in liquid cash and a home and a nagging wife and that is a perfect family; closely knit in prayers.
I don’t know where the rains started beating us, but when you call a man fisi, he takes it as a complement rather than an immoral low that we should all kemea. Men are just funny. They act weird. They act stupid. A few act wise. Some regret. Some act independent – the likes of Prof Ole Kiyapi. Some act principled = the likes of PLO. Some act arrogant and authoritative – the likes of poor Miguna. Some don’t care – The likes of Mwalimu Abduba Dida the spiritual polygamist and the rest of us.
But their is this man Ababu Namwamba, son to late Peter Namwamba Lwecheche, of Abamulembo clan. He holds a raila_namwamba_2Master of Laws Degree (LLM) in International Law from American University’s Washington College of Law and an LLB from the University of Nairobi. He is a distinguished Hubert Humphrey Fellow and alumnus of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.
But his actions in the recent past strongly argue a case that education is overrated, or the power of envelops corrupts minds absolutely. I am strongly seduced to think that the founders of Abamulembo clan are not happy in their graves. Ababu’s every action makes them shake their heads in disagreement. Before joining politics, the son of Abamulembo was a distinguished young sharp lawyer with a slightly awkward hair style which I have no authority to talk about coz he still charmed Prisca to accept him as his lovely husband.
But as a politician, he totally erred when he recorded his political father. It is against African cultural and traditional convictions when a son is told something by his father and he leaks the same to a third party. It is suicidal if he leaks it to his wife. Leaking a secret conversation between you and the man who fished you from nowhere, and made you a cabinet minister is plain stupid. It portrays you as a cry baby who cannot be trusted with a secret. When men have a secret to talk about utaskia wakisema, “Don’t mention that to Ababu, he will record you apelekee bibi”. That is how low you sunk. Your presence in a table of men sounds like a stinking (deleted) Ababu seems he can even teach his wife traditional circumcision songs if online photos of him changing baby diapers is not the work of photoshop. Teaching your wife circumcision songs is a taboo punishable by ‘removing’ a goat, wazee wakunywe supu and plead your case with the gods.
The other day Ababu paraded members of Chamakhokho women group as officials of some Kaparty he launched where the party leader is Luhya, Chair Lady is Luhya, Treasurer is Luhya, and Slogan is Luhya. Yes, “Mulembe Consciousness” is Luhya. And branded this as the third force that Kenyans have been waiting for. With such nonsense, please don’t go near the graves of your ancestors coz they will whip those silly jokes out of your consciousness. Utakula bakora mingi sana.
Jumping from ODM to that village women group party is what is considered the work of pure witchcraft. It is akin to a want-away Real Madrid striker only lefting to join Esinende all stars combined football club. A club whose matches are arranged and organized in a busaa club.
My brother look at how Hassan Joho is scoring hat tricks within the very club you said you could not score because your opponents Jubilee said so. This coming weekend, Joho is taking the team to Kisumu and you will see how he will be throwing heavy upper cuts as his ancestors will be breaking into Inde Monie and Lipala songs and dancing themselves dead, while your grandfathers will be vomiting suffering from nausea that you have caused them. Just imagine how in 2022, A Joho presidency deputized by General Ababu, would be graced by Sukuma Bin Ongaro’s Amapesa tune all the way to Statehouse. Just imagine how your ancestors would break into Mukhangala in their graves and sipping Busaa from that pot as they shake amapeka and thanking themselves for ejaculating that rare gene that will pick from where Wamalwa Kijana left. To be honest, Ababu you are doing badly. Just swallow your pride and redeem yourself. As of now wewe ni kifeya. Yaani korobi. Thank you and pass my regards to your wife’s sister.

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