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Saad-up and Let the youth grow like youths!

Usiwatukane wakunga uzazi bado ungalipo. (DON’T throw a tantrum at a midwife while you are still fertile). Well I am not here to teach misamiati na vielelezo vya wahenga na wahengeles.

My problem is with the bunch of idiots who have taken to social media to condemn the students who crashed to death. Nobody has a choice on how to meet his or her creator. A story is being told of a man who wanted to commit suicide. He climbed a tree and as he was tying the rope he saw a snake, ile mbio alitoka hapo ni kama kurusha mawe. Usain Bolt is a baby on the athletics he ate.

It sounds absolutely nonsense when a 40 year old takes to social media to castigate blame on the small girls and boys throwing tantrums at how students are leading reckless lives. Yes parents struggle to raise school fees, their kids in high school and colleges struggle to pass exams too, but there is a kashetani so active in every other human being which seems to mature at the age of between 16 and 25 years that won’t let them put their ass down and concentrate on books for three consecutive months.

studentsWhen a young lad high on testosterone meets a brat high on estrogen and freedom from parents and a lillo bir of cash, they mutate to what is known in scientific terms as chaosis explodiria; a Greek term borrowed from English loosely translated as explode chaotically. If you add a dash of alcohol to this specimen, you get a perfect definition of college students.

Why are we burying our heads in the sand to assume that college students are or should be busy with studies?

Students only study when they are broke or when they are about to sit for exams. Most of the times are utilized in chatting and seduction lessons, drinking internships, sex extravaganzas, chasing after extra coins, dancing competitions, nursing hangovers and heartbreaks and taking selfies and trying to look cool.

And if your son or daughter has ever mentioned to you about study trips and you coughed some cash, you are part of the story and party to the party either white or red or yellow. You only attended in absentia.

But truth be told, these kids have extra energy, let them vent off the extra energy, let them burn the extra calories so that they won’t suffer from heart diseases when they grow old. Let them learn how to kiss and eeeeehhhh (tuachie hapo). Let them explore their reproductive organs in readiness for marriage. Let them travel our beautiful country let them explore, they will get to 30 if at all they will, and slow down. Life will slow them down.

If you are a parent please instill common sense in your son and daughter so that they can be able to charge for themselves such issues like it is wrong to board a vehicle driven by a drunk, it is wrong to drink while you are having exams, it is wrong to smoke shisha, it is wrong to be gay or lesbian………………such stuff.

As a parent there are things that you can’t control over your kids. Just PRAY for them. If they won’t crash to death on their way to the all-white party, they will stay in campus and Al Shabab will corner them while conducting their morning prayers and shoot them to death. If they won’t die while in campus, they will grow to become lawyers and tax drivers and police officers will kill them and throw them into Ol donyu Sabuk river. If they wont die that way, they will become senators and collapse and die. If they wont die that way, they will become cabinet ministers and board a chopper that will crash into Kibiku forest and they will all die including the pilots and police officer Nancy Githuanja. If they wont die that way, they will become businessmen and women and board Malaysian airline and disappear.

Point is, they will die in one way or another, while young or old. My plea is just respect the dead coz they are one step ahead of you.

My point is, it doesn’t matter how you die, what matters is how you live. Lets live moderately, lets drink moderately, lets party moderately, lets date moderately, lets judge moderately. As for those idiots who hacked my website, lets hack moderately. Na hata nyinyi onanga website za kuhack. NKT!

Have a good week.

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