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Cheap Stouting in the Mighty Name.

The other day I learnt a new vocabulary “Cheap Stout”, from a fellow firecha. Whether he took 6 Guinness Stouts and guessed and coined the phrase, it is none of my business. I can as well guess that a cheap stout is something useless and cheap. Maybe a harlot, something second generation or fat awkward and useless, or an obese idea. Something Dualeish. Nway……

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit lets stop the religious nonsense.

I have seen individuals who don’t belong to the Catholic Church questioning everything about the Pope. Now that is cheap stouting. You have your own religion, please concentrate on your religion and pray for your God to intervene in the evils that are afflicting us. You got no business poking your nose in other peoples’ religion, nor did God appoint you as his spokesman.

You are questioning about the sexual orientation of Pope Benedict IX and claiming that he was Gay, so what? If somebody decides to seduce and bed a porcupine let him go ahead, it is none of your business. If you feel it is a sin, pray for him to change his ways. And by the way have you bothered to pray for those who have been climbing animals and hens? You see…….

You are questioning on why the Pope’s followers are calling him Mtakatifu yet you have never bothered to ask about the next door Jehova Wanyonyi and his whereabouts. That is now CHEAP STOUTING.

My brother and sister, if you really care and embrace matters faith, please pray for the following evils.

  1. Terrorism
  2. PEV Victims
  3. Stupid politicians
  4. Natural Calamities
  5. Diseases
  6. Illiteracy
  7. Crime
  8. Witchcraft
  9. Ribero ne endamuamu (I got no English version – closest is jealousy)
  10. And finally pray for yourself to mind your own business.


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