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Is 8.4.4 a Kumbafu System of Learning? Asking for a friend?

Well, I am in no position to answer that. I don’t even know the origin of the system, I don’t know who designed the system. I got no Idea why they changed from the previous one. I went through the system and I am that ignorant. Did the system train me to be ignorant? Well, I DON’T KNOW. The only thing I know is that I DON’T KNOW. But why are we still using the same system for more than 30 years? In Technology world, Windows 95 came, it went, Windows 98 came, and was rendered obsolete, Windows millennium came, it was so Kumbafu that it gave users ulcers, it was FIRED >>fasforward>> Windows 2007 is on its way out. But our 8.4.4 is just clinging around and we are complaining that Mugabe has been in power for far too long! If we can’t change the institutions why the hell do we want to change the people who are being created by the same old and obsolete institutions?

kcpeI would have said that the 8.4.4 system is a KAMBAFU system but I choose to remain very shut-up on that, simply because if I do, I might be insinuating that my grandfathers who designed the system did a Kumbafu thing. My culture dictates that you must respect your elders irrespective of what they do. My religion is even STRICTER. That is why I am watching my county Gamana mess up the Village. He is being cheered by 8.4.4 goons who have no conscience – Well, 8.4.4 doesn’t teach about conscience anyway!

In the name of Jehova Wanyonyi, somebody tell me why we still learn about Vectors and probability in high school? PROBABILITY and they go ahead to test you in exams and if you fail, they label you a fool. Really?

I understand for one to get a job in the meteorological department, s/he must produce a real degree certificate. It means that you will have to scratch armpits and/or balls for 16 years studying rocks, Algebra, Zoology and Botany, dissect grasshoppers, master Newton’s laws of motion, study the reproductive organs of human beings and the four stomachs of a cow. Yes you will have to know about meiosis and mitosis. And what is mitochondria?  You must study about early agrarian revolution and farming in Mississippi – to end up becoming a weather forecaster. Something that my late grandmother Basibika Kemunto (May her Soul RIP) could accurately do with the Gumbaru knowledge she acquired of counting 1 to 10. She would get out of her hut, look up the sky and the side of Nyaramba and accurately table her findings/conclusion to the effect –  “hii by saa kumi na nusu itakua imenyesha”  – and true to her findings, she was accurate by +5 0r – 5 minutes. She once saw birds migrating and she warned of heavy rains coming, one week later it heavily rained for almost a month. Nguata Francis will break a bank, erect wind vanes.

Isn’t 8.4.4 a kumbafu system?

I have seen Law professors from Meru catch stupidity and idiocy orgasms in public. I have seen a law scholar from Marakweti behave worse than Karionya my primary school classmate who dropped out of class 6 to pursue parenthood.   And yet we can’t see anything wrong with our 8.4.4 system. Did the system train us to be blind? Plain fools who go to churches led by goons?maths

I have seen people gather in public and invoke the name of God to pray for accused persons yet they have no idea why we should pray for the Victims. Well I don’t know why Christianity allows this while our Muslim brothers don’t, but that is a topic for another day.

Well it seems 8.4.4 is a Kumbafu System

We have thousands of institutions in our country and every institution  has a chairman, from Churches, Primary Schools, Chama groups, Secondary Schools, Local Cattle dips, Wedding Committees, Dowry negotiation/payment Committees, Funeral Committees, Parastatals, Political Parties et al……….yet we don’t have a subject called CHAIRMANSHIP in our syllabus. I tell you kuna ujinga mahali.

Malaria, Cholera, and illicit brews are DEADING us in thousands, yet the 8.4.4 is very silent on these. The issue of drugs is known to kill sons of prime ministers former black pop stars turned white, former wives of Chris Brown and daughter. It has lead our sons to death, yet we cant teach about this and properly examine on the same. Instead of examining candidates on stupid probability and vectors question, pose a question like:

  1. 15 irresponsible boys who don’t listen to their elders disappear into a forest, smoke raw weed, arm themselves with kitchen knives and attack an army barrack. Discuss the probability that they will be killed by the gun and within days completely buried and forgotten. (10 Marks)
  2. Will you behave in such a SILLY manner? (Y/N) – ( 5 Marks)

You see this way we are raising a responsible and knowledgeable generation.

Not the silly 8.4.4 brats I see in clubs who smoke fake Shisha and start walking around like Stone Cold Steve Austin in the body of Eric Omondi the Comedian. They support EPL teams yet they cant figure out the location of England on a map. And the map was placed in classrooms thought the period they were idling through the 8.4.4 system. They think calling Arsenal assnal or Chelsea chelshit is cool, yet they are only babies who don’t understand the importance of witchcraft in African Soccer. They should go read confessions by the mighty Taribo West. This 8.4.4 brats shouting all over. And in the name of King Sellassie somebody tell me the meaning of Big up yourself please? Ama you post on FB ….insomnia…..so unataka tuende ngara tukununulie usingizi? Isiokei! Ati Man-U damu ama hearbroken………seriously did u go through a biology class. And if u did, did you see any blood group called Man u? Do you know the consequences of a broken heart? Yaani 8.4.4 ne egasi okiri miti!

You see, I told you 8.4.4. might be a Kumbafu system coz over the years, I was taught how to summarize but I cant summarize a small 8.4.4 story. Well let me try and summarize.

Everybody is facing life challenges. But FACT remains,  8.4.4 did not prepare us on how to face this challenges. It is agreeable that we are very awkward in negotiating that is why we had to call in Kikwete and Koffi Annan to help when we failed to use 8.4.4 to understand that fighting coz of elections is a hippopotamus habit. We cant even handle a consensus meeting with a landlord. We simply disappear at 4 AM and sneak in at 11.45. We cant handle a simple match that Gor Mahia has lost, we consult stones.

Finally, why in the name of Jehovah Jireh don’t we have a subject called basic marriage understanding skills  whereby students will be taught vital skills like how to handle your husband when he comes home stinking alcohol and claims he is from a business meeting. How to disappear when you wife has invited chama mamas for a meeting in your house. How a man should stay away from his house when the mother in-law is around. How to handle stinking weaves. How not to go home to your wife accompanied by suspicious lady perfumes and lipstick marks. How not to DJ Crème yourself…………..the list is endless.

But I am happy I have seen some colleges are offering courses like, HOW TO WIN TENDERS etc…..

I suspect 8.4.4 system is a kumbafu system because it is only an 8.4.4 person who can write such thrash. It will take another 8.4.4 thug to read to this end.

Big up the following (Deleted).

Aden Duale – Bachelor of Education Degree from Moi University

George Aladwa – Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree KeMU

Moses Kuria – Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi.

Kipchumba Murkomen – LLB UoN, Masters of Law degree (LLM) from the American University.

Prof Kithure Kindiki – LLB Moi University, LLM University of Pretoria, PhD University of Pretoria

William Kabogo – Bcom Punjab India

Jimmy Nuru Angwenyi – Bsc. UoN, MBA Washington Lee University, PHD Student Washington Lee University

Happy birthday thugs…………..off to go do lighter duties at the local! #Winkwink.