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‘DRUNK’ Tony Gachoka Tables it as it is?

My people in the Firechi say that whatever a drunk person tells you, that is what he was thinking when he was sober.

I cant agree no more

1. The Presidency of Kenya is under siege William Ruto is going to jail and he has decided that he will not go down alone. He will go down with the government

2. Anne Waiguru is disrespectful to the President

3. The people surrounding the President including Jommo Gecaga are conmen

4. Waiguru is a disgrace to the women of Kenya

5. Uhuru is being blackmailed by Ruto and he should break ranks with him ASAP

6. If elections were elected today, Uhuru Kenyatta would not win

7. Dennis Itumbi is a state House idler who should not pretend to speak on behalf of Uhuru

8. Kalenjins it is all OVER.It is Over Now!!Dreams of William Ruto one day being the President is OVER

Herebelow watch it yourself. >>>>>