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Lets accord the discord in CORD an address.


And since we write about anything and everything, why don’t we share the truth and half truths in CORD that nobody wants to talk about. Before we sink deep into the abyss of deceit that both Kalonzo and Wetangula are wallowing in, lets borrow a few facts from the truth. …

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Men are Simplest of Creatures, Uncle Edd advises young girls!


Dear Uncle Edd. I am a 24 year old lady in an on and off relationship with this man I met in a club. We have been dating for 2 years now. When we first met, he winked at me, and it was love on the first sight. He bought …

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This Boy Ababu is giving his Grandfather Nausea in his grave.


Men will always be men. They will always be men coz they are always naughty. Being naughty is what they secretly admire. If you report a 14 year old boy to his father that the brat winked at your 12 year old daughter, the man will buy that kaboy of …

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