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We are the Chief Justice, give way – We must  address the nation.


Disclaimer: Let my people vent and feel how other meat eaters feel. We are the Chifu Chasitisi. Innuendos and arguments from enemies of development dismissed and case closed. My fellow Kisiis. perched pretty on a three legged stool of power, I swat some reckless flies landing on my face without …

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This Nyama thing itanikosanisha with my fellow firechas.


As I have always told you, back in the village I am one respected honcho. I am ranked in the same category as MCAs. In fact there are plans to have me run for senatorial position unopposed. I am the link between my firechi and the world. I am that …

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Mabongi the Intellectual Dwarf, Duped to Feast on His Own Sweat,


In the United Kingdom of Hafulanga, there lived a man by the name Onchomba. Onchomba displayed high affinity for good things in life and prayerful at face value. One day Onchomba slaughtered a bull and invited his neigbour Mr. Mabongi to a feast. Mabongi was the village champion on matters …

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